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Delirious Insomniac Journal Post. [Dec. 21st, 2011|03:29 am]
I really miss the good ol' days of LJ. I'll post here 'till the bitter end, but it's hard to post frequently when the community is so depleted. So I give you looong posts with tons of stuff to make up for all that I missed since the last post!

--First of all:

Well, basically. I still have a few pages to color...
...And it still has to be copyedited... And all kinds of stuff BUT I FINISHED DRAWING IT.

Which is very exciting. It still won't be out for ages (see above unfinished business, and also it waits a year with my publisher before it comes out), but there will be other things in the meantime.

--Like more of these:

There's a new Stop Paying Attention comic!

(It's about Christmas trees and other things.)

--And probably a lot more of these:

InsomniaSketch, 12/19/11

(It's Rhett, from Gone With the Wind)

So I've recently been having some pretty serious trouble sleeping. I think it has to do with finishing my book and unsettled feelings about work and life and art. Anyway, it's very weird, and I'm dealing with it by letting myself sketch in the wee hours when I can't sleep.

It's a lovely meditative activity that let's me break art rules I usually abide by (don't use photo reference, sketch it out in pencil first, make art that has a purpose). All of these InsomniaSketches are straight-to ink with my ol' brushpen (I missed you, old friend! Remember when we did that book about Paris together? That was fun. Boy, you sure are easier on my wrist than the pens I usually use now!).

All the sketches are loosely sketched from looking at a photo that I like, and they're totally compulsive. Usually pretty people and animals. No plans for them at all*, but I'm enjoying the act of setting aside other work to sketch for pleasure.

I'm not scanning them, but I take phone pictures every night. You can see all the InsomniaSketches so far in this photo set:


*Well, I did take one sketch I liked and colored it to sell as a print. Here.

--I'm working on a lot of really exciting shorter comic projects right now, as well as arting some holiday commissions and taking care of my own late-december gift-making and frantic behavior.

New York is still lovely. I continue to be enthralled with my neighborhood. I've been eating well from time to time (thanks, Dad and Mom!) and seeing interesting art and theater (I'm seeing Alan Rickman in Seminar this week! Maybe I'll get another hug.*) I'm always broke and still get lost on the subway even though I was BORN here for pete's sake, and I'm completely consumed with work most of the time, so I don't get to explore as often as I'd like. All of my repressed New Yorker tendencies are coming out now that I'm not hiding them from Chicagoans (PEOPLE WHO WALK SLOW WITH LINKED ARMS AND TAKE UP THE WHOLE THE SIDEWALK, I WILL MURDER YOU). But even with the city all crazy with holiday tourists and too expensive to afford stuff, and full of slow-walkers, it's ridiculously nice to be home.

*Yes, I hugged him once after a show. I BASK IN YOUR ENVY.

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