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Lucy Knisley


Tanzania Travelogue! [Jul. 22nd, 2012|07:03 pm]

Okay! Available now in PDF and EBook format, the Tanzania Travelogue book can be yours! No word yet on a print version. I'd like to make one, but it's only 60 pages and full color, so it's a little tricky to print. Hopefully someday!

Maybe I'll collect all the travelogue work I've been making over the last year (and this summer especially! Three continents in 3 months!), and put them all in a big book. Maybe I'll wait until I have TONS of travel comics and collect them. Who knows? For now, I'm just making more comics and hoping you guys like them.

(My Lulu store)

Tanzania Travelogue (PDF)

Tanzania Travelogue (EBook)

(Preview the comic on Saveur!)

NOTE: If you bought the EBook last week and couldn't read it on your computer, email TCEB @lucyknisley dot com with your lulu receipt attached, and I'll send you a PDF, free of charge. Durn computer readers with their inability to properly format my comics!

Life update:
Back yesterday from a short working trip to Florence, Italy, and headed out again tomorrow on a family trip up with my mom to Canada, where I will read and sleep and decidedly NOT think about travelogueing for a bit. I love LOVE getting to go to all these places, but I am... slightly tired. Maybe three months of jet lag is a bit much. Lately when I'm not going, "Ooh wow!" about new places and new people, then I miss home and my cat and the internet and, you know, sleeping in my bed. ONWARD NONETHELESS.

I hope you guys like the comic.

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