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Lucy Knisley


Updatin' past my bedtime. [Sep. 11th, 2012|12:35 am]

There's a new Stop Paying Attention comic!

It's been a few months since I updated Stop Paying Attention, but this one is 3 pages long (though stacked in a single column, for reading's sake, online). I love making this comic, getting the thoughts out about art, memory, psychology, humanity and age. But I also love that I don't feel pressure to update it all the time. I love and admire my comics pals that stick to a strict updating schedule, but this comic wouldn't work well updated often. I have the good luck to get to make comics that come out a little more sporadically, and I might kick myself around for occasionally falling off the grid a bit, I'm comforted by the fact that I have so much work that has yet to be seen-- destined for books to come and projects to be unveiled. Stay tuned.

I wrote and illustrated a piece for The American Reader, about The New Life of the Comic Book. I'm excited to work with them, and will be doing a series of graphic journalism!

I do a lot of freelance illustration, but illustrating your own writing allows the artist to really convey quite a bit in the relationship between text and image to say more than what the text and image can say separately. A nice change of pace from trying to make a visual statement that the author may or may not groove to.

Anyway, The main image was a fun draw, and so I thought I'd post some process stuff about it!

I knew that I wanted an image of a paper that was suspended in such a way as to show both sides, so I ended up taking some really unflattering photos of how paper might contort in such a way, featuring my morning bed-head in a prominent light.

Photo 1015

I did the sketch digitally, so I could move things around:

Picture 5

Then I printed the sketch so I could ink it using a lightbox on paper, because I will never ever ever be able to quit you, pen and ink:

Picture 7

And then colored using a variety of lightboxed hand-watercolors and digital futzing:


Shh, I'm going to be at SPX next weekend, but I won't have a table. I... I don't even remember the last time... if ever... I went to a convention where I didn't have to work my table all weekend. I'm positively giddy! I'll just be milling around, oohing and aahing. But if you want to buy a limited edition print run of "Snack Love," I will have those in my bag if you spot me and ask. It's a full-color mini comic of 50 food illustrations, so think about lightening my load and flag me down!

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