Lucy (lucylou) wrote,

entry written by said Lucy's boyfriend

I'm writing here, and in Lucy's journal, because Lucy refuses to post about it. I think she's still kinda in shock. We went to see Noel Coward's Private Lives with Alan Rickman, among others. It was fabulous, even if we were way on the right side.. but we were very close and thankful that no one noticed the stinky cheese we had in a bag with us. (we had leftovers from a picnic in the park.. I fed pigeons) Anyway. The show was unbelievable! They were all quite good (only 4 main characters and 1 minor one) and the dialogue (especially the way they acted it) battled Oscar Wilde.
The set was beautiful... the second act had a bunch of pillows which Alan got hit with a lot.. he also got hit over the head with a record, and did an impressive face-down pratfall! It was so great.
"If he touches me, I'll scream the place down!!" -Elyot (Zan's favourite line)
"It's amazing how potent cheap music is." -Amanda (Lucy's favourite line)
So at the end, we saw the barracades they usually put up at the stage door to keep fans from jumping the stars as they're leaving. We got up there, and waited, among the throng of hygene-challenged theater geeks and large Harry Potter fans. Large. We were right by the door, very close, and got to see (and shake hands with!) all of the wonderful actors. They were SO NICE. Sweet! Cute! Adoreable! All of whom were British.
Oh yes.. (I have just been reminded)Lucy is head over HEELS in love with Alan Rickman. He's her favourite actor. I happen to think he's quite good as well. When he came out, we were sickened by the amount of people asking him to sign their HARRY POTTER BOOKS. Not the poster for the movie, people.. the friggen books. What. The. Fuck. Especially at something infinately more brilliant and praise-worthy as a showcase for his talent. ANyway. We shok his hand. He was very nice. We were about to leave (just because Lucy was having trouble staying on her feet) and he was getting to his car.. when some people gave him a hug for posing with him in a picture. I grabbed Lucy and said
"He's giving out hugs! Wanna hug Alan Rickman??"
She was extremely bashful and said no, it was okay. I brought her up, and just as he was about tto get into his car, said "Mr. RIckman, would you please hug my girlfriend?"
He did. It was very cute indeed.
Am I not the BEST boyfriend EVER? Now she will have the memory of not only seeing Alan Rickman in a show, but shaking his hand and hugging him as well. *bows*
--His Majesty, Lawrence etc.

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