March 30th, 2012

Down the Who Hole

I don't know if you guys know this, but I really really like television.

As a kid, there were inhibiting factors at play. Parental limitations, the infernal rabbit-ear antennae that never worked, and the fact that my favorite shows would usually only play once a week... While I was supposed to be doing my homework (I'm looking at you, Chris Carter... Moving to Sunday nights at 9...).

But as an adult, I frequently keep the TV on in the background while I work, which means that I generally watch (listen to) a lot of TV. With the advent of streaming media, it's only gotten worse easier.

Because of the aforementioned limitations, now I get to catch up on all I've been missing. Frequently, my poor understanding friends will be treated to my total shock at Spike and Buffy's secret tryst. Or my endless curiosity about the truth behind Gabrielle's mysterious trip into the underworld to save Xena.

I get a little fixated.

As a lot of cartoonists will tell you, watching something while working is a delicate balance. It needs to be interesting enough to occupy part of your brain without your full attention, but it can't be so interesting as to divert your eyes/attention entirely from work. I'm good at splitting my attention, but certain things get away from me.

So when I hear about shows that compel frothing-at-the-mouth fandom, I usually try to stay away until I have a project that will take less than my full attention. Because the cruise-comic I'm working on now is a lot of inking/coloring, it seemed like the right time to open a particular can of worms I'd been putting off.

An added factor of going through some other stressful work stuff tilted me over the edge of the cliff, and I vanished into the complete and total insanity of.... The Doctor.

Anyway, I found myself needing to doodle in the margins while I journeyed through. Spoilers abound, but if you're familiar already, read on to hear about my first experience watching Doctor Who.

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