Lucy (lucylou) wrote,

I want to believe!

So I don't know about you guys, but I am CRAZY excited about the new X-Files movie. Back in the day, The X-Files was more than just a show for me, but the plot which my life revolved around. I still get tingles at nine pm on Sunday nights.

So, inspired by that fabulous Harry Potter drawing challenge of last summer (example by the marvelous Matthew Reidsma), I'm going to draw a different X-Files character every week before the movie comes out (July 25th). I'd be oh-so-happy if other ex-Philes wanted to join in on the drawing fun, but I can understand that many are expecting the movie to be a disappointment... All the poo to you, I'm psyched.


Tentative Schedule:

week 1(of May 25): My (or your) Favorite Monster-- (I chose the flukeman, but GAWD there are so many good ones. I might draw two for this entry)
Week 2 (of June 1): My (or your) favorite one-episode character
Week 3 (of June 8): Deep Throat and/or X
Week 4 (of June 15): Krycek, Fowley and Spender (or just one of these office cronies)
Week 5 (of June 22): Doggett and Reyes
Week 6 (of June 29): The Cigarette Smoking Man
Week 7 (of July 6): The Lone Gunmen
Week 8 (of July 13): A.D. Skinner and/or Kirsch
Week 9 FINAL WEEK (of July 20): Mulder and Scully

I know that by bringing up this topic, I am inviting a great deal of personal opinion on who should bear the most ranking in this list. If you spot any grave exclusions, please let me know.
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