Lucy (lucylou) wrote,

Booook taaaallllk.

I've been really neglecting my emails, comments, and general hygiene in the last couple of weeks, mainly because I'm trying to finish my book presentation for French Milk. I decided to draw all the slides as color comic panels, because I am dumb. Here is one such panel:

I hope this preview inspires you to come to see me at my events!
I'll be narrating a projected comic about my techniques and experiences with French Milk,
and doing a Q/A and signing. Also, I'll be bringing some french food and drink to share!

Book events:

- October 14th, at Quimby's, 7pm
- October 16th, at Women and Children First, 7:30pm

New York City:
- October 21, at 192 Books, 7pm

Rhinebeck, NY:
- October 24th, at Oblong Books and Music in Rhinebeck, 7:30pm


The MP3 Experiment in Chicago was great! I've really loved the Improv Everywhere spectacles, and I'm so glad I finally got to participate in one, even if it did rain the whole time. I sifted through some of the photos, but alas, I vanish into the melee, undocumented. But not John! See below:

It is a mystery to all why he manages to look wetter than any other participant.
Just lucky, I suppose.

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