Lucy (lucylou) wrote,

New friends and new comics!

Coming back from my book tour, I realized that an entire month-and-a-half of my semester was just totally devoured.
I'm up to my neck in nearly-done projects for school and anthologies, and I'm chained to my desk until they're done. Boooo.

But I'm so happy to be featured on the LJ main page, and so thrilled to be getting nice comments from new readers!

I've been keeping this journal for about 8 years now (since I was 16-- there's some awful teen angst if you go back far enough.
I do not recommend it.). It's so crazy to think about how long I've done this, and how great it's been for me.

I love love love getting friended by new people, so please do. I haven't had a moment to reply to inquiring comments, so please by all means, friend me if you'd like.

Here's a comic I drew today, when I couldn't stand to look at my "serious" projects for a second longer.
Look! I'm actually wearing my glasses for a whole 3 panels!


I swear: there is nothing made up in this comic, though I wish I was funny enough to come up with some of this stuff as a joke. That one on the antennae? FOR REAL. The smoke pillow? I KID YOU NOT.

That ridiculousness said, though, the meal was probably the best meal I've ever eaten in my life. It was technically my dating-for-three-years anniversary dinner with John (though our anniversary was two months ago, when he made the reservation). He's such a good sport to break free of his financially responsible and health-food-minded psyche to go to some crazy pyrotechnical food extravaganza with me.

Save up for a year or two and go there for dinner. It's like a fancy-food-amusement park!


I spent last Sunday evening with my little jam-comics club. We've started a blog to post all our finished jam comics.
I like asking John if he can tell which panels are mine. Can you tell?

Trubble Club Blog


I start my teaching job, tomorrow! I'm doing an eight-week comics class for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Every week they get a new project, so I drew handouts for each week. Check out the first five:

(I'm really proud of "The Bed Head." Also, my Harry Potter cave art. I'm loving that my first assignment as teacher is for my students to make fan comics.)


Aaaand I drew four more pages of my short comic "horror" story, Stress Eating.

Stress Eating Director's Commentary: There are a couple little Chicago references in there (even though it's supposed to be happening in New York); Quenchers is a real bar. It's one of my favorites in the city, for their cider on tap, free popcorn and attractive bartenders. Charles is also a real bartender, but he doesn't work at Quenchers in real life. We met him during halloween, when he bought us a cab ride just because he liked our costumes, thus saving my poor go-go-booted feet from walking all across town.


That's all, I think, for my art pile today.
The internet has been so full of news and intrigue and wonder these last couple of days.
Or maybe it just seems better than usual, because I'd rather stare at a kitten photo than do my darned work.

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