Lucy (lucylou) wrote,


Well, that tree was freakin' huge.

I look smarter, yeah? The illusion is seamless!

(...Except for my inability to take a photo of myself while I'm not making a silly face)

John points out that I neglect to mention the other impetus behind my reluctant trip to the optometrist; While driving one night last week, I was in search of the street where I was supposed to turn, and was unable to read the street sign until we were actually driving BENEATH the sign, itself, so the next day I finally gave up the ghost.

I quite honestly though that my vision was totally normal, and that everyone strained to see everything beyond their arm-length. Since my new specs, I've been having repeated shocks when I take off my glasses to peer at something across the room, and wonder how I've managed to live so blindly all this time. Now, I get a tad dizzy in crowds and public places when my periphery vision is slightly distorted, and everything is UNNATURALLY CLEAR, but I 'spose I'll get used to it.

Did you know that it's possible to see all the way across my apartment? Crazy.


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