Lucy (lucylou) wrote,

Comics Slumber Party...Now Over :c

Wanna see the big porny drawing we made?
TOO BAD! It's not colored yet! But here's a preview of it in an early state of inking.
Linney! Get off of that, you prude!


As you might have heard (see above), Erika's comic, Dar, is being put together into a book, once the printing nonsense gets worked out. It's a really funny comic, as evidenced by my quote on the back cover.
Look for it this April!


So Erika and her hubby Matt have now vanished back to The West, leaving our apartment empty once again. While they were here, Erika and I essentially did not stop making things.
(Except when we went OUT ON THE TOWN.)
In our spare time, we've been working on a long-distance, collaborative conversation comic for about six months. So while she was here, we worked on the cover.
(The book should be available by Stumptown, in April.)
Check it:

Like the comic inside, the cover was basically drawn in halves, Erika did her half on the left, and I did the right section. There are probably a few tweaks left to do, but it's coming along!
I'm excited about this project, so I wanna spread the word!


We also did a couple hours of non-drawn, real-life conversation, on her weekly internet show.
You can watch the recorded chat (complete with me looking wintertime-chubby in my new specs, and saying slightly boozy things) here: The Erika Moen Show, on UStream.


Not to sound completely avaricious, but I did fix my webpage, finally, with actual working links on my Buy Stuff Page.
I can't believe how long I'd let it remain broken! Yikes.
Anyway, you actually CAN buy my stuff, if you felt like being totally great.
Thaaank yeeew!

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