Lucy (lucylou) wrote,

Braaaiiins... And MoCCA....

Tomorrow I leave Chicago for my hometown of New York City to do my annual pilgrimage to the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Arts Festival. I'll be at table 335, with books and prints and original artwork and love.

It's my fourth year at MoCCA, and I'm pleased to have a couple of talented peeps at my table, selling their marvelous books: I'll be joined by the delightful Mark Thisse, with his book "Legends of the Endless Sky," and I'll also have the pleasurable company of Lawrence Gullo, with his book "Vampire Deluxe!"

And in case that wasn't enough, I'll get to hang around my steady boothbabe, Johnny, as well. So many boys at Lucy's table!

These are some of my favorite people, and we'll be in an ARMORY FILLLLED with quite a few more of my favorite people, so I'm very happy to be on my way.

Now enough blabbing. Wanna see the neato print I made, special for MoCCA?

That depends, DO YOU LIKE ZOMBIES?

I made this darn thing over the course of two days, start to finish. It hurt my hand and neck, but it was sooo much fuuuun to make! Prints will be at MoCCA for 15 bucks, then I'll sell a bunch online once I'm home again. So if you, like me, enjoy nerdy art on your walls that make your parents go "whu?" then you can have one of your very own for a mere $15! (plus shipping)

Production note: The Riviera is a real Chicago theater. See?

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