Lucy (lucylou) wrote,


I'll tell you right now, this stuff is CAFFEINATED.

I don't drink coffee, or even tea that often, so I'm pretty sensitive. I had like a tiiiiny cup of this to taste it after I finished making the syrup, last night, and stayed up for two hours following my usual bedtime, making this recipe comic!

When I wanna treat myself, I'll buy that "Oregon Chai" stuff from the store, which I love, but I'm sick of spending money on it. If you're not a cooker, though, I highly recommend it. This recipe of mine is attempting to basically equal its deliciousness, and I think it does a pretty fair job of it. I know that this Americanized chai is way different from "real" chai, but still so goooood.

At least it's not the powdered stuff. Ugh.

Yum City, this one. I cobbled it together from various internet recipes, and felt my way through as I made it. Lately around our apartment, we've been drinking Pimms cups with cucumber slices before dinner, and now chai cups afterwards!
Very colonialized British India.
Then we go out into the square in our cricket whites and talk about this pesky drought.
Not really, but I would look great in cricket whites...

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