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You say that like I ever will... - Lucy Knisley [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Lucy Knisley


You say that like I ever will... [Feb. 26th, 2010|10:06 pm]

It really amuses me that this guy was so concerned about this "MAN'S GAME" I'm playing, when I followed the above conversation with a train ride into New York City to meet with my agent and editor for breakfast and lunch dates respectively, both of whom are totally awesome WOMEN, who work with lots of other wonderful comics people, quite a few of whom are--guess what--WOMEN. Pff. Man's game, indeed.

Speaking of:

Girl Comics #1 from Marvel is coming out soon, and I'm really excited to see it in person! I'm so thrilled to have a story in a book with these artists, as many of them have, themselves, been my own personal heroines for years. In fact, Ming Doyle (_ming) and I went to a summer art program together when we were 17, where I began my serious awe of her wicked skillz. Preview her amazing story for the book HERE!
Oh my Townsend Misery Sister, we're in a book together at last!


I'd really like to start serializing my recent comics on a wordpress/comicpress site, to try to make a little money from advertising, and organize myself a little better. My website will be the main hub, to host my earlier comics and the stuff I do outside of this usual format, as well as my videos and music. This new site will be updated (and linked from here) with my regular new comic things, to keep them in order and all together.

But Wordpress really confuses me, as well as the Google Ad stuff, and I could use some help!
Any kind souls want some free commission artwork as a trade for setting this stuff up for me?
Also on the offer for web guidance and assistance: My delight with your brilliance!

[User Picture]From: goldfishhead
2010-02-27 05:07 am (UTC)
Please refer anyone you know with a mustachey brain to a physician IMMEDIATELY. That can't be healthy. How'd they get that way up in there?

I kinda copped out on the whole wordpress/comicpress thing by letting Girlamatic set me up with their Inkblot theme layout thinggy, so I'm probably not much help. What I can say is that after about 3 hours of cussing at this system at first I find it really, really intuitive and easy to use. So, chances are, once you get just a little bit setup you'll be able to find your way around pretty easy. The main things are just to get a general layout of where things are, and then try not to overthink it.

If it helps any, I'm in a profitable, woman-dominated, easy-to-break-into career (therapist) and people STILL give me pitting glances. I think some people just assume that any job they don't want must be horrible.

Incidentally, my own observation has been that kids at THAT AGE usually give up art largely because that's when they become obsessed with drawing correctly, and, being unable to draw what they see or imagine accurately, they get discouraged, and seek other passtimes where they can feel more successful. Just my own two cents. Not saying that kids don't also hear their parents telling them to focus on something REAL (grg). Or, say their school, sending a message by cutting the funding. Sigh.
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