Lucy (lucylou) wrote,

Halloween is the BEST.

It is Halloween, dewds. I am pretty excited about it this year!
(not like I don't go totally crazy for it every year...)

(Nora and I made my squid costume! You should check out her Hammerhead costume, too!)

It's been fun and busy around the studio! Here's a rundown of some of the stuff I've been brewing lately:

  • Next weekend I'm going to be at New England Webcomics Weekend! I'll have special edition signed Wonder Women prints, Salvaged Parts minicomics, and all my books, prints and nonsense. It's going to be a great show!

  • I have a new illustration for "The Giver" over on Picture Book Report!

  • I finished the colors for my Book 3 poster! (Books 1 and 2 are here) Only (oh jeez) 4 more to go! I'm hoping to have them done sometime in early December, so think about giving the set for holiday presents! Book 3 Poster!

  • Speaking of HP, we're still running our good ol' HHH Kickstarter! If we make it to $5,000 before the fundraiser ends in January, we'll throw in an extra comic for contributors, all about a little side-trip to swim with manatees while we're down in Fla!

    If you're pretty familiar with my work, you'll know that manatees are animals with whom I have a bit of a empathetic adoration-situation. The reality is that I was raised in the northwest and only ever saw a real-life manatee once in a tank. Also, I'm PETRIFIED of snakes, and only mildly less phobic of alligators. So an actual swim in a swampy Florida river, wherin enormous, prehistoric-ish sea-cows will likely appear inches from my startled face while I nervously scan the murky waters for gators or snakes should make for entertaining comic reading... Even if I become totally traumatized.

    So give to the cause to send us on this weirdo side-venture! Manatees!

  • I'm off to sleep! I'm still doing those little one-page drawing journals before bed. It's a nice little slowdown of my day. Here are a bunch more:

  • Phew! Goodnight, folks.

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