Lucy (lucylou) wrote,

New Comic and New Monia (Pneumonia)


There's a new Stop Paying Attention comic over at the site!

A new Stop Paying Attention Comic, after a mere 3 month hiatus...
Have you heard about The It Gets Better Project? Hear about it!

I have pneumonia! Yep. I had a bad cold from squidding about in the cold on Halloween and then I went on a weekend trip to New England for the New England Webcomics Weekend, and my bad cold turned into pneumonia. I'm a wheezy hacky medicated mess!

Sometimes when I'm peering out of my little attic apartment window and wheezing my lungs into a hanky while wrapped in a blanket, I like to think about how I'd definitely have consumption if I'd been a dadaist artist living in a garret in Paris in the 1920s. It'd be much more romantic, but I doubt I'd have these nice antibiotics or Netflix.

Other than the pneumonia, I had a great time at Webcomics Weekend! Here are a couple quick little watercolors I made while sitting at my table:

The adorable Willow Smith (inspired by her amazing Whip My Hair Video)

The cast of Glee. Again. Because I love them.

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