Lucy (lucylou) wrote,

The Holiday Episode!

The first three of my HP Book Posters are for sale! $10 each or all 3 for $20!
Books 4 through 7 are still to come, but I wanted to be sure people could get these in time to give them as Xmas presents! Please order these soon if you'd like them before Dec 25th!

Get 'em over at THE BURROW STORE!

I have two new illustrations for "The Giver" up on Picture Book Report! This is one of them:

I have a little comic in the back of this new issue of "I Am An Avenger!"


Pick one up at your local comic shop!
(You can recognize the issue from the photo of Benedict Cumberbatch on the back cover. At last! BC and I are united!)

Here's a photo of my little studio nook. It was looking nice and cozy this morning.

Studio Nook

This is the nicest workspace I've ever had. Barring the fact that it's a bit chilly, it's ideal to work on comics! Every day when I sit in my sunny, pretty little desk fort I'm excited to be there.

See the paperwhites I have growing by the window? They were closed this morning, but I was working at my desk and all of a sudden it smelled AMAZING and I looked over and HELLO! It had blossomed behind my back! So lovely.


Here's what Nora and I bought Nelly for Hanukkah.
We got it from Skymall and put it up in her apartment while she was out.


Have you guys been reading our Sunday-updated Studio Blog?
You should read it! It's funny and we sing in the most recent update.

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