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I'm slow to figure things out in Photoshop, but I'm always super excited when I do! I cracked the code of custom brushes today, so naturally I got totally distracted from what I'm supposed to be working on (The Wizarding World comic, which is at 60% completion), to play around with my new skill and draw some derby girls.

That drawing is based off of this painting by one P. Picasso:

Have you guys been checking out my stuff over at Society6? I have a bunch of things there. You can get them on, like, phones and computers and stuff. Crazy.
Put my art on your wall/technology!

Nora and I went swimming with manatees while we were in Florida. It was amazingly cool. I actually touched one! Well, two. They feel like spongey footballs!

Crystal RiverManatee!

I was interviewed on Newsarama by Zack Smith! Check it.

I'm also going to have an interview in Bitch Magazine pretty soon. I talk about feminism and comics and I'm excited about it.

Some Chicago ladiez are doing a signing/hangout at 3rd Coast Comics THIS SATURDAY (2/12), at 1:00pm. It's me, Sarah Becan and Corinne Mucha!

Currently working on:
The Wizarding World comic
The Harry Potter posters
And watching every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

It's february in Chicago and there's more feet of snow on the ground than there are degrees in the temperature.

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