Lucy (lucylou) wrote,

New Art, New Comic, Convention Schedule, Cleaning House

What else could you expect from somebody who went to school for comics?
ABComics! Can you name them all?

Buy the Print Here!
More prints, cellphone and laptop skins, t-shirts and other stuff on my Society6 page!

I like to make lists and organize images. Obviously...

Buy the Print Here!
More prints, cellphone and laptop skins, t-shirts and other stuff on my Society6 page!

Here at Hogwarts Covers!

The Wizarding World comic is finally finished and ready to be sent out!

We're selling it as a digital download or a physical book with hand-screenprinted cover. It's 36 pages long, and details the week that The Burrow Studio spent in Orlando, exploring the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter, swimming with manatees, and ruminating on theme parks, fandom and chest-colds.

Available for purchase on The Burrow Studio Store!


I cut way down on the amount of conventions I'm doing this year. I have to finish Relish, and then I can go to ALL the conventions! Right now, here's my appearance plan:

  • (THIS FRIDAY!) C2E2 in Chicago-- (March 18th) I'll be signing and selling at the Challengers Comics table on Friday, from 1-4.

  • MoCCA in New York City-- (April 9th+10th) All weekend long!

  • TCAF in Toronto-- (May 7th+8th) All weekend long!

  • Raptus in Norway! -- (September 9-11) I'll be teaching workshops, doing panels and signings all weekend long!

  • I really wish I could go to more, but that's gotta be it for this season, I'm afraid. At least until I finish Relish (winter 2011, here's hoping!).

    I organized some of my music and made it available for download here!
    Some of the songs are pretty old. I wish I wrote music more often, but the height of it was definitely when I was around 19. So enjoy my home-recorded singy voice from 7 years in the past!

    I also finally hooked up "Salvaged Parts" on my website, so there's an actual link there to buy the digital comic! Jeez, took me long enough.

    A Few More Things!

  • I was interviewed on the A.V. Club Chicago

  • I chatted about Harry Potter on the podcast, Sack Lunch All-Stars

  • I have a 1-page comic in Knee Jerk Magazine

  • I've been letting things pile up and then posing GIANT POSTS like this one. This winter has been craaaazy, but I resolve to be better in the future about posting more often with less overwhelming content barrage!
    Hold me to it, internet.
    Hair Flippy

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