Lucy (lucylou) wrote,


I'm behind on everything! EVERYTHING! Orders and emails and pages and comics. I'm a monnnnsterrrr!
A monsterrrrr!

I'm sorry I'm so behind on emails. Please be patient with me! I'm not very good at this.

But I did finish Portal 2. I don't play video games very often, but I LOOOVED Portal 1, and I needed to spend some chill time recovering from this thing that happened to me a few days ago:

Whee. A car needed to turn right, RIGHT NOW and forced me into a pothole that had no bottom. It just went all the way through the earth. You know what I love? My helmet. My roommate, for coming to scoop up my battered bod and my broken bike and take us home. My phone, for not breaking after skidding across a lane of traffic. Know what I don't love? Chicago potholes. Bike lane disappearances. Asshole drivers. Not having health insurance. All the people in the intersection who didn't even slow down to enjoy my acrobatic display.

I'm okay, if a little bruised and limpy. I hurt my drawing arm, and it really freaked me out, but I think it's okay now. I might invest in a person-sized hamster ball for future outings.

Here are a couple little paintings I did for some peeps this week:

xena gabby argo
Order of the Poker

I also dealt with some business, made a magazine cover, a guest comic for a friend, and some other stuff, all of which will come in due time, my pretty.


I put the "Reminder Poster" up for sale! You can buy it on my Society6 Page

I am so tired. Tomorrow maybe I will put photos of my bruises online to impress you with my badassery, though probably not. They're juuuust gross enough to be gross but not gross enough to be internet gross.

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