Lucy (lucylou) wrote,


The Summharry

That's it, kids! The last movie is nigh, and the last HPoster is drawn. The images are below, but first, a short ramble:

For a limited time, I'm offering free downloads of large-format printable versions of all 9 comics, for your own use, and to print a copy for your pleasure at home/at a print shop. Barring stumbling into me in person and asking if I have a bunch of leftover copies (which I do), this will be the only way you can get print versions of these.

Please PLEASE don't use these large-format images in any commercial way (IE: printing them in your publication without my permission, selling posters or t-shirts or lunchboxes using any part or the whole of them).

I'm making no money from this project (in fact, I'm losing quite a bit, in bandwidth charges, labor, and now useless printings). They are parodies of a franchise that is, unfortunately, owned by someone other than myself, and those someones are VIGILANT about the faintest whiff of copyright infringement. I respect their bulldoggery over creative properties, as I am an artist and know what it's like to have to defend your work from people who consider it public domain, simply because they have access to it. So I'm not going to be selling poster versions in my online store.

But I will say: I worked hard on these. I made them with affection and humor, in celebration of a story I love and a format that challenged me to translate a complicated plot into a parodied comics language. I hope you love them too, and that they make you laugh, and that you will make a donation to show your appreciation for these images and the work I do.

I hope you consider donating. I love making comics, and when people support that love (through buying my work, emailing me, leaving a comment, making fan-art, shaking my hand or tossing a few bucks my way), it makes me love to make comics more, and to then make more comics.

Thank you.


Click this link for information about prints!



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