Lucy (lucylou) wrote,

New Comic, New City!

There's a new Stop Paying Attention comic!

It's about moving! Last week I packed all my stuff into a truck and my mom and I drove it to New York. Linney navigated.

Ramblin' Cat

I have a tiny little apartment in the West Village. The whole place is the size of my Chicago apartment's kitchen, and it's more expensive than the whole apartment, but I adore the neighborhood. Leaving Chicago was bittersweet, but it's great to be back in NYC, and closer to my mom and dad. I don't even mind the teeniness of my apartment-- It's cozy, and Linney seems to like being an only-cat again.

It wouldn't be my desk if Linney wasn't sitting on my comic.

Last night I went out to a free concert with some pals at the Williamsburg Waterfront. Jonathan Coulton, They Might Be Giants, and a great group of comedians (Patton Oswalt, Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman, Todd Barry, and Jim Gaffigan). It was an awesome show and a great night, but it poured TORRENTIALLY. Here's a photo from the stage. I was only in the third row, but you can't see me because I'm hunkered down, trying not to drown.

I took this photo of my new home city from the edge of the river after the show:

Rainy NYC

PS: Wasn't HP7.2 exciting?! Did you dress up? I dressed up.


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