Lucy (lucylou) wrote,

In Oscar's Footsteps

Hey friends! I'm trying to raise some money to do this travelogue/history-comic in November, about the life of Oscar Wilde. Please consider helping out, and in exchange you can get Oscar art, and all sorts of other goodies!

In Oscar's Footsteps


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Is it weird that I thought that was Doctor Who, and I kind of still do?


September 22 2012, 07:46:23 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  September 22 2012, 07:47:00 UTC

Yay! I will help sponsor this. I will even volunteer the couch at my flat in London! (Note Tower Bridge in the background of this user icon.)
I could only contribute the minimum amount, but I hope you make the goal!
You should promote this project more on social media and stuff, Im sure you can make it =D