Lucy (lucylou) wrote,


Last month, I was hired to come along on a high school study-abroad trip to Florence, to act as part camp-counselor, part travelogueist. I finished up the little travelogue tonight, which consists of portraits and excerpts from interviews with the kids on the trip about their favorite parts and things they learned. It's just a little scrapbook for the kids about their experience, but there are a couple pretty parts so I'm posting it here!

(This amazing dog lived in the house next door to where we were staying)
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Just lovely, Lucy! And they all look so American - something nice for me to see since I've been living abroad for six years - just a bunch of nice kids. I hope you had a wonderful time, too.
I just posted another comment with a link to a cool essay I read about Florence that I thought you might like, but it was marked as spam. I guess because it had a url in it. So, can you please check your spam folder or whatever for it? I'm not really sure how LJ's anti-spam settings work. Thanks!
wow, this is all so beautiful! :)
makes me want to go to Italy!
I studied abroad in Florence myself in 2009, got acquainted with my now-husband--we got married three weeks ago and are planning to go back this spring for our honeymoon!

Thanks for bringing back great memories. :)
Just lovely. Beautiful! Makes me look forward to going to Firenze in 2 years. :D squee!

as always, how did you get to go and study in Firenze? where do I sign up?

Florence! I went there in high school too, and it was amazing. What did you think of the Uffizzi? I was a bit too young and impatient to appreciate it, and I think there's a bit much to try and do in one day, so by the end of it I was tired and oversaturated.

I need to go back and see it all again, it's a great place!
I love it! I've gone to Firenze and Italy a couple times now and these made me think of my trips and made me so happy.
You make me want to procrastinate other things, go home, and draw!