Lucy (lucylou) wrote,

12 Hour Comic Day

I'm just getting over being sick, so I decided to go easy on myself and not try for 24 Hour Comic Day this year. Staying up for 24 hours was doable when I was a spry 21 year old, but now at the rickety old age of 27, I'm too fond of sleep. Anyway, I still made a goofy little series of funnies about being single in New York. Because, you know, there aren't already about five million things about that very topic in the world! I decided after I finished it to color it (outside of the 12 hour limit!), so here 'tis!


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Awesome and hilarious. :D

And also: CAT!
I really like this! Awesome 12 hour comic :3
Aaaaah, these are all so wonderful, Lucy! So great. <3
Verrry goot! (pronounce with a german "r")
Love your work. Hope you never stop.
This hits pretty close to home. Curse the machinations of those meddling parents!
Lucy, you are FABULOUS. I wish we could compare some of our more hysterical OKCupid fail messages! This is my current dream guy but he won't even answer:

Winner message of the month: "You know, I am very shy and
I am looking for someone experienced honest who is available to
teach me the secrets of sex and why not have a fun in the meanwhile. "

*deep sigh face*

And yay for the cats!
And now he's going to wonder why some 40 year old bi poly dude from NYC is checking him out.


He is pretty cute though.


8 years ago


8 years ago


8 years ago

I can relate on so many levels. Did you ever get the "OMg, I know you're going to meet the right one when you do xyz/go to xyz!" I'm doing a study abroad right now, and everyone back home is convinced I'll come back home married.

I enjoy being single!!
This is so lovely.
(I think you have your shit much more together than the characters on "Girls".)
Bodega cats! The bodega cats across the street from me and continuing around the corner are, in order:

* Josephine, tiny importunate gray and white cat who gets very demanding about being petted and will actually grab your hand with her front paws to make you pet her.

* Fifi, beautiful gray cat who likes when customers come in to play with her and her dangly bouncy puffball on a string.

* Xena, imperious but friendly mostly white thumb cat. Her owner says, "Is Russian Xena. Is not like Princess Warrior."

* Black and gray dollar store cat whose name I do not know.

* Xena the Warrior, little black cat whose owner was apparently completely unaware of Russian Xena two doors down.

If anyone reading this is able to identify my neighborhood, you are welcome to be my stalker/friend/fellow bodega cat admirer.
Now I want to meet them all! You have to watch out for those thumb cats, though. Once they figure out how to open cans, it's all over for us.

All stores should have cats.
Wonderful, as always.
Also, never listen to your dad: CATS ARE ALWAYS THE ANSWER
It is a universal phenomenon that all mothers seem to think that the key to dating is how your hair looks. (Actually, my Mom is always concerned about my hair. It's a little weird).
My parents are the opposite in that they urge me to have no interest in men and were super supportive when I cut off all my hair. Ahhh, Catholic culture. I assume they'll swing around to pushy when I get older if I'm not married though. But I am pretty much with you on all of this.
that's adorable! :D

i think if i weren't married, I'd be in the same predicament as you... my parents insisting i date. why don't I date on-line?
then once you get married it's WHY NOT BABIES NOW? X3
Your 12-hour comics are better than most people's take-all-the-time-you-want comics!
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