Lucy (lucylou) wrote,

12 Hour Comic Day

I'm just getting over being sick, so I decided to go easy on myself and not try for 24 Hour Comic Day this year. Staying up for 24 hours was doable when I was a spry 21 year old, but now at the rickety old age of 27, I'm too fond of sleep. Anyway, I still made a goofy little series of funnies about being single in New York. Because, you know, there aren't already about five million things about that very topic in the world! I decided after I finished it to color it (outside of the 12 hour limit!), so here 'tis!

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So good and so accurate.
It's a shame that Person of Interest just got a dog. Because they really do need to do a program involving Bodega cats.
These are wonderful! If you had a memoir, I'd read it.
Yay bodega cats!
Lucy, do you think if you got out of New York, you would be happier?

(Awesome comics!)
loved this. All of it. and I think your face in the Sherlock in a Sheet panel is one of my absolute favourite things you have drawn.. and considering how much I love your art style and your work that actually says quite a bit :)
you really do have this creepy knack for creating comics that parallel with my life. From Sherlock to OK Cupid.

My favourite Manhattan cat that I've ever seen was when I was there April 2011. A seafood vendor in the West Village was shutting down, and they were spraying out all of the ice and leftover bits. There was this gigantic marmalade cat sitting on the counter. Overseeing.

It's more important to know the bodega cats, I think. Neighbours aren't half so good as getting rid of football sized rats.
i like your drawings so so much. specially the cat(s).
Yay! This is fabulous! :D
what! well I'M in love with you lucy knisley! you're one of the few reasons i still visit my livejournal.
I just broke down and watched girls and then watched EVERY EPISODE like an endless bag of Oreos...its definitely hits some things on the nose about being 20 but at the same time about 50% of it you don't remember the next day after watching...

But in the same regards of you ignoring Girls, I am almost going to break down and finally watch twilight...the latest trailer looked SO BAD it looked good! Like one of the vampires should be Liam Neeson!!
love the references to okc. tee hee! i feel suddenly lucky that my parents haven't given me much dating advice.....
When I was still on college I had a boyfriend and my parents did not stop telling me they would kill me if I got pregnant.
Now that I'm out of school and been single for like 2 years, they try to hook me up with every guy.
Parents! who understand them!
Loved to read all of these ^_^
HA! Boyfriend mall, if only ;-) Hilarious comic, as always!
DON'T watch girls. Not a single freaking Person-of-color in the cast. Not even the extras. If the representation of other races matters to you at all, stay away from that show. It's like making a show about nerds and not having a single girl in the main cast.
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