Lucy (lucylou) wrote,

The Bunburyist Departs


Hi pals!
Assuming the airport is no longer under water, I'm leaving the sad and waterlogged shores of New York for the UK tomorrow, to head off on my Wilde trip! I have my list of postcard addresses from indiegogo helpers, and I've narrowed down the number of library books I'm bringing.

I've been awful about emails lately, so if you've emailed me about the trip and haven't heard back yet, I'm so sorry! I'd planned to get a lot of last-minute work in during this last week in town, but Sandy had other plans. My apartment is sadly powerless. I'm camped out on my dad's couch for my last few days in the states. My favorite holiday is cancelled (boooo), but I'm excited for my trip!

I'll have email on the trip, and will be happy to hear from people while I book through London, Dublin, Leeds (for the Thought Bubble fest) and Paris. If you live in the UK and want to hang out with me sometime, whether to chat about Wilde or comics or just grab a pint, please email me or check out the Facebook event page! I'll do my best to keep people updated on my progress. 

Snack Love will continue to update three times a week, though guest Snack Loves are sadly on hiatus until I get back. I was going to queue them up for the duration, but Sandy had other plans. I'm crabby about it-- The guest Snack Love submissions have been incredible! But I'll start posting them again when I get back.

I'll be back in 3 weeks! Hopefully with lots of comics and notes and adventures to tell. Thanks for bearing with me, and I hope everyone else fared well through Sandy. Being on my own for the hurricaine made me really appreciate my online friends, and it was nice having a community of people to check in with once in a while to connect to humanity while huddled in a scary dark apartment (without my kitty, who's up at my mom's during my trip!). Happy Halloween, everybody!

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